A Conversation of Faith ~ While Working ~

Hello and welcome back everyone! Perhaps many of you, like us, have learned that some of the best moments in life are ones unplanned. This moment is one such snippet in time. It was early morning and while enjoying our cup of coffee we looked out the window to see our neighbor having a new concrete driveway poured. Quickly we snatched our camera and this is what we captured. It was truly special to hear this man talk about his faith!

We hope you enjoy this short video and please feel free to click the “like” button and or scroll down the page and leave a comment. We look forward to hearing from you and until the next time we bid you all blessings!


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13 thoughts on “A Conversation of Faith ~ While Working ~

  1. Thanks Oristel. We had so much fun chatting with this man as they were working. We’re learning that everyone has a wonderful story when we make time to listen to people. We don’t know who is blessed more… the person sharing their story or us listening 🙂

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  2. What a wonderful video depicting how fun working hard can be when doing it with people you love !!! I truly loved when you mentioned “some of the best moments in life are ones unplanned.” And when I read this, I was like oh yes! It’s something how life can just happen without any sort of like “plan” ! Great post !!!!!!!!

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  3. Loved the on-the-spot idea for getting footage like that!
    The video was perfect length and you showed some proud workers with quality work! And of course their faith share was wonderful –

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