Where It All Began – 05 of 14

While we’re on our next adventure exploring the area around Lancaster, PA, we thought it might be fun to share some of the stories from our first journey – where it all began. 

Here are some of the photographs from the times we shared as we made our way through Michigan. 



~ USA Through Our Eyes ~ Stories Told Through Words, Photographs, Videos and Sound

13 thoughts on “Where It All Began – 05 of 14

  1. Yes definitely go to Lake Ontario that’s were Sandbanks park is located. Also it’s Canada’s 150th birthday this July 1st so all Federal parks are free entry! You can check their website 😊😊 I hope you enjoy your stay there!!

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  2. Yes it does. We have been to Toronto many times and so enjoy the cultural opportunities. The waterfront is so peaceful as is the zoo and what ever food one likes is available. We haven’t been on the ferry or at Medieval Times. Its the towns along the way up there we are planning to take more time to see. We are also planning to circle Lake Ontario and back to here. So many places to go and see, God willing.

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  3. Hi Tom and Audrey! Well Toronto is the biggest city in Canada and is very interesting as well. I suggest the CN Tower is a must, going along the waterfront beside it is very nice too. Take the ferry across to Toronto Island from the harbor and see Toronto Island, it’s so nice you feel like you left the city life. If you like the zoo, they have a nice one but it’s big. Medieval Times is fun and if you drive 2 hours east you will come to a beautiful place to camp or just spend the day at Sandbanks Provincial Park. It’s incredible there! 🙂 Hope that helps!! 🙂

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  4. Thanks Jen. Yes, we were amazed at the wonders it contained but had never explored. We laughed back then because we spent so many days there because of its beauty. You have some beautiful scenery there in Ontario. We love that region. We hope to be exploring Toronto more this summer so will be passing through. Are there spots you found that people must see when in that area?

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