Breakfast At Barb’s Café ~ By Audrey & Tom ~

We were both having a hankering for a good home cooked breakfast even though it was 2:00 in the afternoon, lol.  So we jumped in the car and headed into the town of Florence, WI.  After cruising the main street of this quaint little town we noticed the sign “Barb’s Café”. 

Barb's Cafe
Barb’s Cafe

As we pulled up there was this table in the window that shouted “come on in” and are we glad we did.  The place had so much character, so much life and it was easy to see why.  Two young ladies, Shannon (owner) and Lisa, were scurrying around and greeted us with a grand hello and instantly we felt at home.  I mentioned we were traveling through the states and asked if they would mind if we could take their pictures. Instantly Lisa exclaimed sure and jumped into the arms of Shannon

Lisa jumping into the arms of Shannon
Lisa jumping into the arms of Shannon

who quickly caught her.  It was obvious these two ladies had forged a friendship many would be blessed to have.  In fact, Lisa mentioned they often get mistaken as sisters because they are so close.  As other people came and went all were made to feel like they were long time family.   Then came out the food with portions that filled the plate and it was topped off with homemade muffins.  Shannon shared some tidbits of her story and what an impressive, positive young lady.  She noted working with her mom in developing Barb’s Café and that they had picked up the booths from Bob’s Big Boy in Iron Mountain after it closed down and the stools at the snack bar are original to the building. 

Shannon and Lisa
Shannon and Lisa

She laughed as she told how her mom and her were being ever so meticulous putting up the wall paper insuring the seams all matches and her grandfather quipped with “a guy riding by on horseback will never see it”, lol!

 As we were eating another couple, Robert and his bride Rosemarie Zadek drove up in their mustang convertible.  We began chewing the fat about it being a fabulous car and one thing led to another and their story came flowing out.  These two people are incredible, and, so in love if I may add.  All the while they were sharing their story with us Rosemarie was playing footsies with Robert.  It ends up the two of them are in the process of helping the small town of Florence establish an assisted care facility.  These two are pro’s at this because apparently this in not the first one they have set up.  They both went on to share the challenges they had to overcome in doing such a massive project and yet as people of obvious strong faith they persisted steadfastly overcoming the obstacles.  His determinedness brought him to the heights of working with Governor Scott Walker to see the project through.  Robert laughed as he exclaimed “We’ve almost gotten ourselves broke by giving everything away”.  Both Robert and Rosemarie are so humble and he said “these people in Florence are some of the hardest working people you are going to find anywhere in the country.  All they care about is going to work and doing their job”.  Robert and Rosemarie, we need more people in this world like you, Shannon and Lisa.  You all are what makes this great country GREAT!!!  To see more photo’s taken at Barb’s Café please go to the link.


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9 thoughts on “Breakfast At Barb’s Café ~ By Audrey & Tom ~

  1. Thanks Toni. What you said is exactly what we felt eating there. It was family even if you were a stranger when you walked in. We left there feeling happy knowing the joys of small town eateries. Thank you for sharing with us.


  2. I love the sign about the extra charge for grouchy people. These types of small businesses remind me of home. Everyone’s so friendly and hospitable that It’s like sitting down with your family for a meal. Love it!

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  3. Yes we are learning that all one has to do is smile and say hello and you never know what will come of it. We have certainly been blessed thus far. Then to be able to share these stories and discover people of kindness such as you.


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